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It’s quite sad really
A strange phenomenon
I never really got it
I cared enough
I tried enough
I worked enough
They impaired me
They lied to me
They irked me
We parted ways
Though I wanted to stay
To keep my thoughts at bay
In your eyes
I’m a plaything
And I just let it happen
But now I’m alone
But even at home
I sleep in another bed
So my guard is up
And my mouth is shut
And so is my head
Maybe I’ll find someone
Who cares enough
To try and keep me safe
It’ll be later
But I can wait forever
If they’ll be my always
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 18 4
For Hannah by DestryDisenchanted For Hannah :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 2 0 I MADE THE FRONT PAGE by DestryDisenchanted I MADE THE FRONT PAGE :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 1 5
Can We Both Be Ugly?
She's a diamond, while I am coal.
I am the coal, black and boring.
Set me on fire while I am alive.
Watch me burn,
Watch me die.
She is the diamond, shiny and attention-grabbing.
Lay your greedy hands on the whore.
She's there for the looks and money,
No real work,
She receives the perks.
We both wanted him,
But I bit my tongue.
What a fool I would be to ask for his heart.
He sees me as a footrest,
Only here for support and only when he needs it,
The demand for me is limited.
He lusts for her seductive nature,
Her glare blinding his eyes,
She's tearing him apart with her sharp edges,
It kills me to witness.
"I can't hurt you.
I glimmer,
she burns."
"But she is my support,
my joy,
she cares."
"She is but a coal,
weak and pitiful.
You want that?
The spineless coward?
The killer?
She's thirsty for your heartbreak,
but my fingers are gentle,
let me hold you."
His situation is himself.
I love him more than I could scream,
But I maintain my silence,
I suffer in the dark.
I see his sorrow and
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 398 123
Roger Rabbit Ch. 1 - Who Framed Brendon Urie?
Title: Roger Rabbit
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Who Framed Brendon Urie?
Fandoms: Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Rydon (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie), Joncer (Jon Walker/Spencer Smith), Frerard (Frank Iero/Gerard Way), and Peterick (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump)
POV: First person - Changes
Beta: The creator of the plot, Josie, my bby!
Summary: Brendon didn't know why he was here. It was an impulse- he's an impulsive person. Mental hospitals are for crazy people, and he's not crazy. You believe he's sane, don't you?
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drugs and alcohol, mental illnesses, homosexuality, sex, and anything else that comes up later.
Author notes: Institution!Fic. Thank you Josie for letting me write this. And thanks to all the readers. You all are brilliant. Also, I got the title from the Sleeping With Sirens song, "Roger Rabbit".

The car ride wasn't pleasant in the least. The breath of the giant behind me brushed on the nape of my perspiring neck. T
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 4 19
Words hurt. by DestryDisenchanted Words hurt. :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 77 31
Hold On Tightly, Let Go Lightly on livejournal
Remember my Rydon fic "Hold On Tightly, Let Go Lightly"? I have corrected all spelling errors, grammar errors, fixed confusing moments, and have shortened it to four parts. I suggest you read. If you want to read the new and improved HOTLGL, then take a look at my livejournal on the links below. I will also be posting other fics on there. Happy reading!
HOTLGL part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 2 0
Mature content
With Your Back Against The Wall - Brusnop :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 14 21
Mature content
Conflict of Interest - Rydon (Prologue) :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 5 9
016. Down and out It's where you oughta stay by DestryDisenchanted 016. Down and out It's where you oughta stay :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 3 3
Mature content
I Knew It! - Joncer :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 11 16
Hope A Little Harder-Frerard
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frerard (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
POV: Gerard

I want to tell you I love you. But, I'm not brave enough. Why can't you see that I love you? I think it's obvious. The way I can't talk normally around you. How my heart leaps in my chest when you come into view. Why do you not see it? If I could, I would just kiss you. Your cheeks, your forehead, your lips. But, I can't, because I don't know if you'd like it. If you like me. I'll kiss you one day, but this isn't the day. I'll use my eyes, and hope you understand what I'm trying to do. I can't just make you fall in love with me. It doesn't work that way. I wish that you would take an actual look at me. Give me a chance. I need you to meet me at that halfway mark, and I'd carry you the rest of the stretch. I want you to realize that I have a 'crush' on you, bigger than anything a 14 year old girl could write. Why can't you see?
I can't sit, hoping forever.
I hope that you will notice me like I
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 15 18
First Dance-Frerard
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frerard (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
POV: Frank

I hate school dances.
It's just a place for sweaty kids to jump around, make out, cop a feel, practically have sex, get drunk, and act like fools. I, on the other hand, would rather do all that shit somewhere else. Somewhere where you're not flocked by teachers and kids you hate. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to have someone's tongue down your throat while your History teacher is watching? I would expect it to be. And it'd be weird being drunk around your teachers, while they're probably drunk too. No doubt some moron spiked the punch before I got the chance to. And the sodas. And I'm damn dure someone snuck in liquor; Nobody cared. And this is every girl's opportunity to dress slutty, instead of wearing the school uniforms.
I'm sure you can tell I really hate school dances.
So, you're probably wondering why I'm at one right now.
Well, I have my back against the bleachers, and I'm eating a handful of S
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 26 28
The Three O'clock Hour
I checked the clock. I was praying it wasn't a deviation of three. My worst fears were confirmed.
You know how they say that during the 3 o'clock hour, the dead could walk the Earth? Well, it's 3:30AM on the dot. Kill me; I can't keep my eyelids open for another 30 minutes, and I can't sleep on the couch. I wasted another night, well morning, surfing the Internet. Now, I'm paying the price. If dad even knew I was up...Oh God. I don't want to know.
But, seriously, what do I do now? I can't be glued here. I'm so tired. I could feel my eyes trying to screw themselves shut. This is what I get for watching scary things and reading scary Internet posts, isn't it? Screw this. It's Internet memes for God sakes! It can't be real...can it? No, stop thinking that. They're not real.
I started lifting my small frame up, and the blanket slid off my lap as I stood at my full height. God, I'm short. 5'4 is tall my Dear Aunt Sally.
I chanted, 'not real', under my breath as I started setting up a trail
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 0 3
Operation MCRmy by DestryDisenchanted Operation MCRmy :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 9 21
Some people have been asking about fics and stuff, so here's some FAQ.
-Is 'Hold On Tighty, Let Go Lightly' completely over?
Yes, it's done. I have no plans to write a prequel of sequel or side stories.
-What happened to 'Saviour', 'The Cutting Edge', 'The Double R Problem', and 'Ripped From The Earth'?
Shit, you must have been there since I first opened my dA and had no watchers. Well, I never finished them, and I don't really think I will anytime soon. In fact, I'm thinking about changing the whole story. It's too far-fetched and all over the place. Maybe I'll finish 'em one day. Who knows? (I know a majority of you don't know what I'm talking about xD)
-Where's 'Issues'?
Issues is another one I abandoned. I never even posted a chapter. Shit, you really were here the whole time.
-What happened to 'Gorgeous Nightmare'? You only posted one chapter, and took it down!
I'm rewriting the whole thing. It may be up in the next year or so. Depends on how fast I wor
:icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 0 3



well, i guess i should just say it. i am just your average teenage girl who just like writing and art and music and books and movies and tv and tumblr and the internet. my skin is bad and i get cramps and i have oily hair and i don't get a lot of sleep and i smell like cats and i can't roller blade. i'm just a normal kid.

i'm not here to stick the knife in deeper or to be a sob story. i'm just here to tell y'all some things.

first: i will not be using this account normally. occasionally i'll post a poem, and that's just maybe. i'm not looking into using deviantart again, nor am i looking for any more confrontation.

second: my livejournal will not be active again, seeing as that is just a dead website in the first place.

third: i would appreciate if any of you guys are using any of my photos for anything that you would take it down. i know, i know, i gave you permission at one point, but i have grown up and i do not want my photos on here. there are only two photos of me on here that are on my account, and i'd like to keep it that way.

fourth: a majority of my fics on here will stay up, but they will never be updated unless a gigantic rethinking happens. i'm just not into them anymore, and i'm sorry if you wanted me to finish, but they have been abandoned. however, i can say that Free From Restraint will definitely be rewritten with another pairing - kellic - and i'll tell you where to find that a couple points down.

fifth: yes, i am still writing fanfiction for bands. not rydon, frerard, miro, peterick, but more like kellic, jalex, and cashby. my music taste has just evolved and while i still am a huge fan of mcr, p!atd, and fob, i have explored into other types of music. if you're interested in reading any of those fics, the link will be in the next little point.

sixth: there are a few websites i'll allow you guys to reach to me at, seeing as they are my public profiles. they will be listed below. tumblr is where i am most, and you can follow me if you want. twitter is just updates about me and funny thoughts and random things and mainly where i act like an idiot. my instagram is a lot of selfies and photos that relate to me and fandoms and macabre and just whatever. and my mibba and wattpad are where you can find my fanfiction. i also have a secret dA, try and see if you can find it. c;

whatever i want to post tumblr -

seventh: my facebook and private twitter is something personal. i only add people i know irl or people i trust. i have some old dA friends added to my facebook, and that's only because they're people i missed and really do trust to see my family.

eighth (most important): i do not care how much you hate me; it is completely and utterly unacceptable to stalk my friends and/or family. yes, i have seen people from here stalk and harass my loved ones and that is wrong. if you still have a grudge with me, then you need to let it go. it is not okay and if you do it, i will know, and i will make sure that you will be blocked.

well, friends, that is all. no one is blocked, so if you want to comment, feel free. it's time for me to vanish again, and perhaps resurface later and share some poetry. that is all for now. til we meet again.

-Captain Des
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